[teaser] Mac OS X external

Ian Wood revlist at azurevision.co.uk
Mon Sep 21 05:54:36 EDT 2009

On 21 Sep 2009, at 10:31, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> Oh, By, Am I naive or what?
> For us naive types could somebody, Please,
> in a relatively simple way, explain what a
> "dirty button/flag" is?

In the majority of document-based OS X apps, the saved status of the  
current document is visually shown in the title bar - if it's unsaved  
then there is a darker centre to the red 'close' button.

TextEdit is a good example - open a new document, and watch the red  
button as you type in the first character.

On 21 Sep 2009, at 07:27, Arthur Rann wrote:

> Hi,
> I thought RR was being touted as the evolution of HyperCard? I have  
> a hard
> time believing the dirty flag isn't supported natively. Are you  
> saying it's not???

Nope, never has been.

> Look, I have a ton of cross-platform apps on my drive, but all of  
> them use
> the dirty red button to indicate that the file has been touched.

I also have quite a few cross-platform apps, and apart from the 'big'  
ones like Photoshop, most of them *don't* use the dirty red button. :- 
( It's highly dependant on the framework that the developer has been  
using, and if they are primarily Windows developers whether they are  
even *aware* of the feature.

>  Doesn't anyone hold RR to task over Mac OS Interface?

Apart from us? Who are you referring to?

It's a feature I'd like, but apart from a couple of mentions on the  
list it doesn't seem to be that high a priority for people - there  
doesn't even appear to be a request for it in the QA centre.


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