How to use socket commands and function in a .irev script

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Sun Sep 20 11:00:28 EDT 2009

Le 20 sept. 2009 à 15:31, Jim Bufalini a écrit :

> Jérôme Rosat wrote:
>> Which solution is implemented by developer  to transfer a significant
>> amount of data (approximately 100 ' 000 records) between the client
>> app and a server app on on-rev?
> Start from the client side. Use can use *post* (look this up in the
> Dictionary and also the "See Also" for post).

I started by using the command “post” but I encountered problems to  
recover the entirety of the data. So I look in the "See Also"  
paragraph to find a other way to solve my problem and I imagined “to  
push” the data, it's for that I try to use socket commands and  

> With this you could upload
> data to an irev script on the server or request the irev script to  
> download
> data to the desktop app. Also, look up all the libURL... commands for
> transferring data to and from a server and the *load* command and it's
> callback for monitoring progress.

I'm going to do that. Thanks a lot.

> Aloha from Hawaii,
> Jim Bufalini
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