Snapshot problems

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Sat Sep 19 15:52:43 EDT 2009

Can you lock the screen, place the stack back inside, take the snapshot, and then put the stack outside again?

Craig Newman

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Subject:    Snapshot problems
Date:   September 19, 2009 2:57:09 PM EDT
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I suppose it's just finger trouble, but I'm having great difficulty 
using import snapshot and export snapshot - the RunRev docs seem not 
to be completely specific on this. For example, while apparently I can 
take a snapshot of something that isn't open and isn't visible (the 
docs say so!), I don't seem to be able to take a snapshot of an object 
whose loc is outside the visible area. For example I have an image 
which I've placed out of site at 2000,2000 based on a quite small 
stack, say 800 by 600 pixels. I'm used to this technique for hiding 
stuff from the user, and also for working with objects larger than the 
visible area - in this case, I am doing both of these. Now I want to 
tinker with the image. The statement

import snapshot from rect 1375,2592,1749,2625 of this stack

compiles OK but results in an execution error. Experiments seem to 
show that a statement of the same form restricted to the bounds of the 
stack's window work OK.

What I'm actually trying to do is to create a composite image at 
screen resolution, by overlaying images on top of one another and then 
taking a snapshot of the resultant screen area, but all without the 
user seeing anything. My experiments appear to show that I can do it 
while the various objects are visible (in the visible area) but not 
otherwise. Can anyone explain how this could be done?


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