[SOT] Haiku ???

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 15:25:01 EDT 2009

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Keep an eye on Haiku, it will make lots of noise.
Have just burnt a CD and bunged it in the P4 . . . Live only, as don't
want to lose my Happy Ubuntu Box:

Hey, the boot is pretty fast.

Nice, clean GUI; err . . . makes me think of Damn Small with
its modified Fluxbox. Not that I feel an urge to go back to that
as i am fairly well hooked on a WIMP GUI.

Hmm, contextual menus are still fairly slow . . . waiting for Bogbrush
(err, sorry, 'Wonderbrush') to load:

Yup, even live this works very quickly, exports to a good range of formats,
and resembles MacPaint: guess I must be missing something.

Trying the BeZillaBrowser (what a SILLY name): CD is churning away like
the gods and the daemons at the milk ocean. But once it gets going it
loads my website front page; err . . . cannot cope with JPEGs in webpages.

Looking for a text-editor: "Pe" is not exactly an intuitive name for one
(mind you, nor is "gedit").  Cripes, nothing to rival Open Office Org that
came 'right out of the box' with Ubuntu.

Fairly negative noises just now . . . but I will keep looking.
I can see no reason for porting RunRev to an OS until there is a sufficient
app base to knock together reasonable stacks (to me this means
GIMP and Audacity or equivalents at the very least) and a user-base
to justify the effort involved.

 From a personal point of view I can see that Haiku looks quite sexy in
GUI terms and probably boots and runs faster than a lot of Ubuntu distros
[and to support this I should point out that I have just put my P3s in my
school BACK to Ubuntu 5.10 from 8.04 as 5.10 is significantly less
resource hungry] until there is a port of RunRev or an equivalent RAD
I cannot see myself or any other educational types who "roll their own"
going down that route.

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