Groups: Bugs and features ("last group" broken)?

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Wed Sep 16 17:20:02 EDT 2009


Workarounds. That is one of the endearing things about Rev.

I still like the templateGroup method, where, for example, you could set 
the name of each new group to some text (like "groupNumber") appended with the 
number of groups plus 1. So the last group of 15 would be:

group "groupNumber15"

This ties up the name of the templateGroup, of course.

Ken Ray suggested trapping the "newGroup" message. I suppose you could use 
this to set a property or the group name, similar to the templateGroup 

Any of these can get you any group you need, just querying them all.

Craig Newman

In a message dated 9/16/09 3:55:02 PM, sanke at writes:

> In the case of my "Gradient Kaleidoscope" scripts I have to make
> frequent use of grouping and ungrouping (the last group) of images, and
> I find it easier and more convenient to use the workaround with finding
> the "owner" of one of the controls that have been grouped, as in -  I
> quote myself here -

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