Escaping from QT

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Sep 16 16:32:03 EDT 2009

MNG is an animated image file format, however
it appears to have even less support than APNG and files
are significantly bigger:

in theory it sound lovely (transparent jpegs and so on):

"MNGZILLA"; 'an open source project to develop a patch
to restore MNG/JNG support to Mozilla' (which is funny,
semantically, as it suggests that Firefox could handle MNGs
at one time . . . ???) is, frankly, mingin, as it froze solid in
early 2006.

Probably animated SVGs are a better way to go:

(all browsers except . . . you guessed it; MSIE, support this)

MadSwatter is a Firefox add-on which is an SVG animation editor
[Humpf . . . probably a good idea to convert your old jpegs and
so forth into SVG format with Inkscape first:    Inkscape doesn't cope with animations, yet. ]

and Ikivo is a commercial alternative:  (no HTTP  !!!!)

Ultimately, if RunRev doesn't support these animated formats,
either in stacks, standalones or revlets it really doesn't matter
 whether browsers support them or not.

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