datagrid problem with arrow btn

Trevor DeVore lists at
Wed Sep 16 16:07:40 EDT 2009

On Sep 16, 2009, at 4:00 PM, Yves COPPE wrote:

> I want to close or open all the arrows at once
> so my script is
>  dgmouseDown
>   if pmouseBtnNum is "1" then
>      if the short name of the target is "arrow" then
>       if the optionKey is "down" then
>       put the dgData of group "DataGrid historique" into theData
>       repeat for each key tkey in theData
>          put "false" into theData[tKey]["expanded"]
>      end repeat
>      set the dgData of of group "DataGrid historique" to theData
>      send "ResetList" to group "DataGrid historique"
>   else
>   ...
> it doesn't work !
> what is wrong ?

It probably because you are trying to redraw the data grid from inside  
an event that was sent to a data grid control. The engine doesn't like  
it when you try to delete a control that is processing an event.

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