Escaping from QT

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Sep 16 14:51:13 EDT 2009

I have just discovered a quick way to run up an animated GIF from an image
sequence (rather than plonking every frame in place and getting w*****'s
(err . . . wrist) cramp doing it:

Get a copy of GIMP:  [Mac,Win,Lin !!!!]


use Quicktime (!!!!) to export a series of images from the movie file 
you wish
to convert to an animated GIF,

[parenthetically, you can do this whole thing with MPlayer (any platform):

but you have to muck around in the command line interface (fioch).


Open the first file (preferably a JPEG) of your exported frames with GIMP,
then open all the other frames in your directory as layers  -  File/Open 
as layer.

The save the thing as as a GIF; select SAVE AS ANIMATION, and you can choose
LOOP FOREVER if you want to lose control of the thing.


"Bob's your uncle . . . " well, it has got to be a lot better than BILL 
being your uncle  . . .  :)

Just great for those silent movies of yesteryear.


Now the big and burning question is how to line up the animated gif so 
it will play
with an AIFF file exported from the same movie file.

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