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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Sep 14 20:59:15 EDT 2009

Recently, Josep wrote:

> I trying to show a PDF file in Rev and print it.
> Using revBrowser when I try to print crash all Rev.. also use embeded
> Acrobat viewer inside revBrowser. How use by default viewer?
> Using the player, I don't know how move page by page and print the PDF. It's
> posible?
> Any tip or idea how to handle this? Preview a PDF and print it if the user
> want.

If you can't find a workaround for the crash, the only other option I can
think of is to launch the PDF in Acrobat Reader:

  put <path_to_my_doc.pdf> into tFilePath
  launch document tFilePath

I have some code for displaying PDF pages in a Rev player, but as far as I
know, the resolution is limited to the screen so I don't think this would be
useful for you for printing.


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