use-revolution Digest, Vol 72, Issue 18 -- Solution for Problems with Snow Leopard

sandrah9 at sandrah9 at
Sun Sep 13 15:31:23 EDT 2009

I read a messarge regarding "Problems with Snow Leopard": 

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Till Bandi < tbandi at > wrote: 
> I just installed snow leopard - and now I can't launch a stack with a double 
> click anymore from the finder. I get the dialog: 
> <<Unable to open stack: stack is corrupted, check for ~ backup file. >> 
> If I open the same stack within runrev with the open command, everything 
> works as expected. If I "launch" the stack, I get the same problem. 

I had the same problem, and here is the solution. You need to insert the Snow Leopard disc again and load the application "Rosetta" which is included separately on the disc. Once loaded, go to your Revolution application and click on it but don't open it. While it is highlighted, go to top finder menu and select the "Get Information" under "File". On the window that opens you will see the information for the Rev application and then you check the box for "use Rosetta". Once you do that it will open as it once did by double-clicking on any of your Rev. documents. 

Sandy Hargrove 

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