html forms vs revlets

Ron runrevron at
Thu Sep 10 09:14:31 EDT 2009

Thanks for your comments Sarah, Robert, Jacque and, as usual, to Kenji  
for his examples.

I thought I would put up a page with some random examples of how such  
things might be accomplished but got stuck on the sending mail. I have  
used examples from Sarah's site for another application on my own site  
but I thought I could put something like this in a button and have it  
work. This fails. Any hints?

  get shell("echo -e" && "mymessage" && "| mail -s" && "thesubject" &&  
"mymail at" && "-- -f" && "mymail at"


BTW - revspeaks works on my test page simply using the script from the  
Documents example scripts. I hope to post the page soon once I get  
this mail thing worked out.

On Sep 10, 2009, at 10:13 AM, Judy Perry wrote:

> I had been wondering the same thing as Ron... Thanks for further  
> info, Sarah; I, too, will be following this :-)
> Judy
> On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>> I hadn't thought of using revlets in the place of forms but it is an
>> interesting thought.
>> Currently, we have html forms and the data they send can easily be
>> processed using irev scripts.
>> If you had a revlet acting as the form, there seem to be two ways it
>> could handle the submitted data. Either it could "POST" it all off to
>> a .irev file exactly or all the processing could be done in the  
>> revlet
>> itself, with any emails generated (using the mail shell command) and
>> data saved.
>> Obviously, for us Rev people, the idea of constructing a form in Rev
>> is much easier than constructing it as HTML, but it does limit your
>> form fillers to people prepared to install the plugin.
>> Anyway, it's definitely worth trying and I would love to hear how you
>> get on with it.
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