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Fri Jan 30 23:28:37 EST 2009

That's exactly right!  The temp folder is just for that purpose. Then you
don't have to worry about cleanup. If you look at it from time to time
you'll see temps from other apps come and go.

2009/1/30 Timothy Miller <gandalf at>

> On Jan 27, 2009, at 11:49 PM, Brian Yennie wrote:
>  If the file is in a custom property and you want to write it out, you can
>> use "put URL into ..." syntax and write it out to the user's temp folder
>> (see specialFolderPath()).
> Thanks Brian and others.
> With generous help from the list, I have been able to import a PDF, save it
> as a customkey, write the customkey to a disk file, on the desktop, and
> launch the file with Preview, all with simple Rev scripts. I didn't know Rev
> could do such things. This is definitely not your father's hyperCard. One
> last obstacle remains.
> I'm fuzzy on "user's temp folder," which I guess refers to a folder called
> "Temporary". I just figured out I can find it with
> put specialFolderPath("Temporary")
> It looks like this folder belongs to Mac OS, not to Rev.
> I'm guessing that the Temporary folder gets erased by the OS now and then,
> possibly on shutdown.
> Am I getting the right idea?
> Thanks again,
> Tim
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