Using pasteKey in a Search Field Handler

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Jan 30 16:27:04 EST 2009

BNig wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline,
> I am using Rev 3.0 on a Mac.
> I copied some text in TextEdit
> I created a field and set the insertion point into that field then I did a
> command-V and it pasted the text
> In the script of the card I had 
> on pasteKey
>     put "nlalsd " into field 1
> end pasteKey
> after suspending development tools I again did the command-V and it put
> "nlalsd" into field 1.
> That's how I assumed pasteKey works.

Weird. Now it works. I tested your script in MetaCard too and it failed, 
then went back to Revolution and suddenly it worked again. Went back to 
MC and it still does not work there, though I've successfully used both 
copyKey and pasteKey there in the past.

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