Music/Quicktime in Revolution

Judy Perry katheryn.swynford at
Fri Jan 30 15:22:53 EST 2009

I am eager to try this as well.

Thank you for this!


On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:15 AM, Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at>wrote:

> Fred,
> As far as 1, 3, and 4 go, You might look at my iTunes Library Suite. The
> suite plays through iTunes and seems to be pretty responsive playing sounds
> with out any latency. The best part of using the library in Revolution is
> that you get to enable and control ever aspect of iTunes including but not
> limited to the Equalizer Bands, BPMs, Pitch, Duration, Loudness, etc. etc.
> In affect controlling these from within Revolution...
> Just a thought, find the URL below:
> Tom McGrath III
> Lazy River Software
> 3mcgrath at
> iTunes Library Suite - libITS
> Information and download can be found on this page:
> On Jan 30, 2009, at 1:28 PM, Fred Moyer wrote:
>   1) There is still a slight pause between when I press a foot pedal to
>> start the music and the time that the music begins. This means that my foot
>> has to press the footpedal a split second before I want the music to come in
>> which is quite a trick to accomplish while playing.
>>      2) I have just begun using an Intel Mac (MacBook Pro), and I notice
>> that after a long time of not playing, a loaded player object goes into some
>> kind of sleep mode. Not only does it do so with a little thump that is heard
>> by the audience, but after that when I press the pedal, it doesn't play
>> immediately -- it needs to kind of get warmed up. I wonder if there is some
>> way disable this sleep mode.
>>      3) I wish there were a way to add an Equalizer.  I've tried software
>> that universally changes the sound of everything coming out of the Mac, but
>> it doesn't seem to work correctly with Revolution -- not sure why. It would
>> be best if the EQ was inside Revolution.
>>      4) I've heard that there is some "flavor" of Quicktime that allows
>> you to speed up or slow down the music without changing pitch, and that
>> unfortunately Revolution does not use that "flavor." I wonder if it is
>> possible to retrofit Rev with that flavor.
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