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Thu Jan 29 08:12:11 EST 2009

Hello Matthias,

Could you please also send this version to me?
Éric sent me the latest version on 01/08/09 telling me he was  
finishing version 1.1 after a lot of work due to bug reports and  
feature suggestions.


Best regards,


Le 29 janv. 09 à 13:45, runrev260805 at a écrit :

> Hi Andre,
>> Hello,
>> I bought ListMagic too ; Éric send me the unlocker ; but, I don't  
>> get  the
>> password for the librar
> Why should you?. I cannot remember that Eric ever promised to give  
> the password to the customers.
> In the FAQs of ListMagic you can find the following:
> "Why are some ListMagic stacks password protected?
> Three substacks are password protected in ListMagic to protect those  
> who have paid for using the software and, of course, their code is  
> strictly related to ListMagic itself and to it only."
>> I like very much ListMagic ; that would be great if someone could  
>> (was
>> permitted to) keep on this nice work and maintain the product; In  
>> such  a
>> case, I would be ready to supplement the paiement for a ListMagic
>> 1.1 .
> Three days before Eric died, we were in contact about final  
> localization to german and about some bugs (e.g. script editor  
> errors, when placing more than one widget on the card and some  
> other). He corrected that and told me, that this would be the last  
> corrections unless there would be other serious bugs. He wanted to  
> release a final 1.1 because of the integration of ListMagic into  
> Revselect. The 1.1 version on his site is from 7th january and does  
> not contain these fixes. I have a version 1.1 from the 10th january,  
> which  include minor enhancements and also the mentioned bugfixes.  
> As this stack will run in demo mode while not unlocked, i do not see  
> any problems to send it to you, if you are interested.
> The version 1.1 runs also as a registerd version on your machine, if  
> you have unlocked 1.0 on it.
> Regards,
> Matthias
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