Import PDFs ?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Wed Jan 28 21:10:18 EST 2009

Many thanks to Brian and SparkOut on this thread.

This is turning out to be more complicated than I expected. I had  
assumed that I could write something like "launch <application> with  
variableContainingMyPDF" or something of that nature. Apparently not.  
I think I can follow the instructions and read the docs, though much  
of this is new to me, and rather over my head.

I wonder if I'm trying to do this the hard way. That's a specialty of  
mine when it comes to writing scripts.

One easier alternative, apparently, is to try to get good results  
displaying the PDF in a player. Any other possibilities?

Thanks again,


On Jan 28, 2009, at 4:34 AM, SparkOut wrote:

> Timothy Miller-2 wrote:
>> On Jan 27, 2009, at 3:53 PM, SparkOut wrote:
>>> You can import the PDF files to your stack by:
>>> put URL ("binfile:<the-path/name-of-your-file.pdf>") into
>>> <thePDFStorageProperty>
>>> On a Mac you should be able to display the pdf in a player, but on
>>> Windows
>>> even with QT enabled it won't render a pdf document. A workaround is
>>> to
>>> write out the file to a temporary location:
>>> put <thePDFStorageProperty> into URL("binfile:<temporarypath/
>>> name.pdf>")
>>> and launch it, or use a revBrowser object to display within Rev.

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