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Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Jan 28 14:07:46 EST 2009

Hi Devin,

Card 1 of the 'revMenubar' stack references a 
'revEnvironmentUserPluginsPath()' function to get the user plugins path, 
but I haven't been able to find where that function is located. I 
created a Q&D tool to silently open all stacks in Rev's 'Toolset' 
folder, then did a Find & Replace search on all open stack files for 
'revEnvironmentUserPluginsPath' but to no avail. Maybe you'll have more 

Phil Davis

Devin Asay wrote:
> Hi all,
> Okay, I thought I understood this, but evidently I don't. How does the 
> Rev IDE know where your My Revolution <version> folder is? Does the 
> IDE just derive it from version and OS information? Or is there a 
> function somewhere that returns that information? It seems like Rev 
> should automatically know where that folder is.
> Here's the practical question: If I have a standard library of 
> handlers and images and things that I want to be able to start using 
> from any stack, it seems like a good place to put it is in My 
> Revolution <version>/libraries. But my stack doesn't know about it 
> unless I figure out where the folder is first. Is that my only option 
> for finding thing in this folder?
> Regards,
> Devin
> Devin Asay
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