Director-like multi-image "sprite" animation

Josh Mellicker josh at
Wed Jan 28 13:48:45 EST 2009

This is a shot in the dark since I don't know exactly your goals, but  
could you simply have a Quicktime movie with all the images and  
control it to jump to different frames? Or play a section at a certain  

Trevor's external would allow you to replace the background image at  
will (by copying an image and pasting it into the movie as a new  
track, then setting it to the background).

On Jan 27, 2009, at 11:14 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> I may have a need soon to try my hand at putting together some mult- 
> image sprite animations like the sort of thing we commonly see done  
> in Director.
> But since Director's engine is well optimized for that sort of thing  
> and Rev isn't, I'm not sure Rev is up to the task.
> For example, one of these "sprites" is a 900-frame animation of a  
> walking figure that needs to be anti-aliased against an image  
> background.  The figure itself is about 200px by 200px.
> That's a lot of images, and I can't imagine that swapping those out  
> of a button icon while also moving the button will be all that smooth.
> Or can it be?
> And what if I need to have two or three of those running at once?
> Should I give it up, or have any of you had success doing this sort  
> of thing in Rev?
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