Selecting Menu Item in Option Menu

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Wed Jan 28 08:12:53 EST 2009

--- Steven Axtell <saxtell at> wrote:
> What command is used to select a menu item in an
> option menu?  I want to "initialize" the option menu
> to a particular menu item upon opening a stack.  I
> appreciate any help.
> Thanks,
> Steven Axtell

You can either set the label or the menuHistory
set the label of button "MyOptionMenu" to "Choice 1"
set the menuHistory of button "MyOptionMenu" to 1
When you set the label, no "menuPick" message is sent;
however, if you use the menuHistory, then your option
menu will receive a "menuPick" message.
If you want to use the menuHistory property, but avoid
the "menuPick" message, you can always wrap it in a
lock/unlock messages pair.
lock messages
set the menuHistory of button "MyOptionMenu" to 1
unlock messages


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