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Tue Jan 27 18:53:05 EST 2009

Timothy Miller-2 wrote:
> Another noob question from me, the perpetual noob.
> As I recall, there is a way to do this, but I've forgotten how. I did  
> peruse the docs. Sometimes that helps, sometimes not...
> I'd like to import some PDFs, into a stack, or a card in the stack.  
> As I recall, I can import almost any file as a customkey, but I'm not  
> certain. (This might not be quite the right terminology.) The  
> "import" command seems intended only for images, video or audio. So  
> that probably isn't right.
> Later, I'd like to view the PDF by clicking on a button, which  
> retrieves the imported PDF data and displays it in a suitable  
> application, like Preview or Adobe Reader.
> If these things can be done, where should I look in the docs?
> The purpose of this little project is to avoid losing track of some  
> PDFs relevant to the other material in the stack. As long as I don't  
> lose the stack, I have all the PDFs in one place. Maybe I can also  
> index PDFs this way.
> I am prospectively grateful for any assistance offered.
> Tim Miller
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You can import the PDF files to your stack by:
put URL ("binfile:<the-path/name-of-your-file.pdf>") into
On a Mac you should be able to display the pdf in a player, but on Windows
even with QT enabled it won't render a pdf document. A workaround is to
write out the file to a temporary location:
put <thePDFStorageProperty> into URL("binfile:<temporarypath/name.pdf>")
and launch it, or use a revBrowser object to display within Rev.
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