where to put plugins, externals, under linux

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Mon Jan 26 17:21:10 EST 2009


except that as soon as you upgrade revolution, you need to move
everything to the new release folder. I need to keep multiple versions
of revolution running and I don't want to keep multiple copies of my
100+ MB plugin folder on the machine. I know the engine/IDE will look
in many places for it's files, I just don't know where. :-/

I rather run a BSD than a Linux, but, it would take me forever to
build the bsd desktop with the correct linux compatibility layer that
would allow me to run revolution under bsd... so, I just went ubuntu.

On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 8:03 PM, Richmond Mathewson <geradamas at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Andre Garzia wrote:
> "I don't want to keep them inside
> the revolution release folder, do we get a "my rev enterprise" folder
> somewhere?"
> Why not?
> I just downloaded  RR 3.0 trial for Linux and found that it consisted of
> a compressed folder which when unarchived consisted of a single folder
> called "3.0.0-gm-3": no fancy installers such as the one for Macintosh, so
> doesn't plonk files all over your computer in funny places.
> So: NO CHOICE - either put your plugins in the 'Plugins' folder or
> do without. Just popped a stack in their, and it now shows up in
> the plugins folder. Just the same as Runtime Revolution 2.2.1 for
> Linux I normally rely on when I have an attack of the penguins.
> Personally I prefer this: nice to keep everything is one, easily
> accessible place.
> Love, Richmond.
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