problems with Cyrillic input on Windows standalone

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Mon Jan 26 11:06:39 EST 2009

Hi Curt,

I've been mostly offline this weekend, so didn't see this until now.

The problem is that to type non-Western European text in a Rev field,  
you are dependent upon the proper input method for the OS being  
chosen, a process that is not entirely under Rev's control. I  
struggled with this very issue a few years back, and finally came up  
with this solution, which seems to be fairly reliable.

In the field I want to type into, I had a preliminary, informational  
text message, something like "Click here to type Russian." In the  
field's script I put the following handlers (edited to eliminate the  
irrelevant bits):

on selectionChanged
end selectionChanged

on doStartTypingStuff
   select the text of me
   # the following font custom props are nothing special,
   # Verdana for Mac and Arial for Windows
   if the platform is "MacOS" then
     put the macFont of this stack into tFont
     put the winFont of this stack into tFont
   end if

   set the textFont of the selectedChunk to (tFont&",russian")
   put empty into me
end doStartTypingStuff

I just tested this on my OS X and Win XP boxes and it still seems to  
work. Of course, as I said, it's dependent upon your system having  
both the fonts and keyboard layouts installed for the language in  
question. Then of course the user has to know the proper key  
assignments to type successfully, but that's another story.



On Jan 24, 2009, at 10:53 AM, Curt Ford wrote:

> I'm using Rev 3.0 on a Mac for a project includes a field that users
> should be able to type into in Russian. Until recently this worked
> fine in Windows standalones but in recent builds, typing with the
> Russian keyboard selected gives gibberish (numbers & symbols like :>B;
> 5BO) instead of Russian in the Windows standalone only. The textFont
> of the field is "Arial."
> To isolate the problem I made a separate stack with just a card & a
> field with textFont set to Arial, textSize 18. This worked fine for
> Russian in a Windows standalone.
> I tried copying this working field into my project without changing
> anything about the field; its textFont was still Arial. When I tried
> this is a Windows standalone, typing in Russian gave gibberish again.
> I can't find anything in the card script that affects the fields of
> this card. In the stack script I do have
>  if the platform = "Win32" then
>     set the textfont of this stack to "Arial"
>     set the textsize of this stack to 14
>     --but don't make the pulldowns too big on Windows!
>     set the textsize of group "Menubar" to 12
>   else if the platform = "MacOS" then
>     set the textfont of this stack to "Lucida Grande"
>     set the textSize of this stack to 12
>   end if
> But pasting this into the stack script of the separate stack didn't
> cause a problem in the Windows standalone.
> Any ideas what's going on here, or what to look at?
> -Curt
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