Compiler question - Win XP and Windows Server 2003

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Sat Jan 24 21:31:36 EST 2009

Thanks for the suggestion.
The display setting is at medium, 16 bit.
Changing the XP Pro machine to that displays the file.exe properly, so there
must be another issue (I cannot change the server display from 16 to 32 bit,
but it probably would not matter)

Thanks for the tip.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 1/24/09 4:46 PM, "Scott Rossi" <scott at> wrote:

> Recently, Jim Ault wrote:
>> I have a client that wants to run an Standalone exe on Windows Server 2003.
>> I have moved the file.exe onto this machine and access it using Remote
>> Desktop from another machine running XP Pro.
>> When I launch the exe, the stack window is the correct size, but the ugly
>> 2-color result is dark gray and black.  The buttons work and the fields
>> display as black font on black background.
>> The buttons display as gray square rectangles with black border.
>> When text is selected, it becomes black text on a white background and
>> readable, but only when hilighted.
>> Before I do any testing of many variations, can anyone attest that ³It won¹t
>> work, so save your time²
>> My guess is that installing Rev IDE is highly unlikely to work in Windows
>> Server 2003.
> I'm not sure how you're accessing the server's display, but if you can,
> check the server's color depth.  IIRC, Rev will not display properly in
> anything under 256 colors.  What you describe sounds like something I ran
> into many years ago testing Rev under SafeMode or just 4 bit color.  The Rev
> app would run, but it wouldn't display properly.
> Regards,
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