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Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Fri Jan 23 21:22:54 EST 2009

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the quick response. Friday evening is usually pretty slow,  
and real late where you are. I was hoping that I could create a stack  
that showed a bunch of different things and allowed browsers to go to  
different cards that had different things displayed, choosing to buy  
some; you know - the whole shopping experience, but contained within a  
Rev stack; and that that stack could somehow be "whooshed off" to a  
server someplace from whence shoppers would be able to use it. I know  
I could create a stack or even a standalone that did all the things I  
want it to do, but then how would buyers get their greedy little hands  
on it to use it? It would take too long to download, since stacks of  
that sort - with lots of pictures - would be huge, so downloading is  
not an option. It really is/was a stupid question, I guess, if you are  
able to read my mind to see how simple I want things to be. (enormous  
smile!) Looks like I'll have to conform and do it the way everyone  
else is doing it.

Thanks once again,

Joe Wilkins

On Jan 23, 2009, at 5:40 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> Sure, it is very well possible to create website with Revolution.  
> There are several people on this list who use Rev CGI to serve a  
> dynamic website. Although I use PHP increasingly often, I have used  
> Revolution in several cases to create static websites, such as < 
> > and <>. This one < 
> > is powered by Rev CGI.
> I have also created a simple html editor for a client. In  
> combination with revBrowser, it is a very nice little tool. Btw I  
> still use HyperCard to create simple file lists when I want to share  
> some files on-line without making a site. There is also Rev On  
> Rockets (is that the name?) by André, which is a complete server. I  
> made a similar tool, but that was for serving a particular database.
> Generally, I think that most people create a template and fill  
> either dynamically using Rev CGI or with a Rev-based tool to create  
> a static website. Even if Rev is used as an actualy web server,  
> people probably still use a template to fill that dynamically.
> Filling out a template is simple. Just make a file similar to
> <html>
> <body>
> ***
> </body>
> </html>
> Read this template from a text file and replace *** with the content  
> of your site. Now send the modified data to the requesting client.
> Now you probably need to decide whether you want to set up a Rev- 
> based server with a dynamic website or want to create a static  
> website with Revolution which you upload to a server...
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> P.S. You don't win the prize for most stupid question of the day ;-)
> Op 24-jan-2009, om 2:20 heeft Joe Lewis Wilkins het volgende  
> geschreven:
>> Hi all,
>> I don't even know how to ask this question; but it seems to me that  
>> we have all the tools we need in Rev to create websites. I see  
>> postings about different ones of you using HTML and XHTML for some  
>> of your projects. Is that what you're doing? I searched the Users  
>> Guide for the words "website" and "webpage" and got nothing except  
>> for one reference to the Rev website. I've done some webpages using  
>> AppleWorks a very long time ago, and I understand the basics of  
>> HTML and CSS; but a great multi-media app such as Rev should make  
>> doing some pretty outstanding things a piece of cake. I just  
>> haven't run into the "how to do it" for this sort of thing as yet.
>> TIA,
>> Joe Wilkins

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