message path clarification please

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Fri Jan 23 06:05:09 EST 2009

> button B1
> group G1
> button B2 inside G1
> group G2 with backgroundbehavior set
> the buttons: on mouseup Hello end mouseup
> put the handler on Hello ...  in the group G2.
> the group G2 never catch the message of button B2 ( inside G1 ) ?????
> Is this a normal behavior of the message path ?

The 2 groups are at the same level of the message hierarchy, so a
message will never flow from one group to another, unless one is
inside the other. In you example, the mesage passes as follows
(hopefully my crude ASCII diagram will show properly):

  B1          G1           G2

So clicking B2 sends the message to B2, G1, card, stack - but not to
B1 or to G2.

Richard Gaskin has a good diagram explaining this on his fourthworld web site.


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