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Thu Jan 22 04:20:01 EST 2009

Thomas ,

Thank you for your ideas , this is far more constructive than
"We can't duplicate your error"

I did inform RUNREV about the error message " Answer Stack already in memory "
that has been a problem for other users.
They could at least explain the trigger for this REV error message.

I will try these suggestions and get back to you !

Best Regards

---- Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at> wrote: 
> Camm,
> My experience with 3.0 is that they fixed so many bugs that certain  
> things that used to be OK to do in previous versions now no longer  
> work. If you fixed the destroystack and still are having problems then  
> I suspect there is something wrong with your install of Rev 3.0. I had  
> this problem and until I completely reinstalled Rev 3.0 (not update  
> but full install) it would not work right. ALSO, I would check your My  
> Revolution folder for plugins. I had plugins that worked in 2.9 but  
> not in 3.0 (that is how much they changed in 3.0). Copy all of your  
> plugins from the plugins folder in myRevolution folder to a new  
> folder, call it "Old Plugins" then see if on a new launch of 3.0 if  
> you are having problems.
> If after cleaning out your plugins and reinstalling a fresh new  
> install of 3.0 you still can't get this to work then I would really  
> consider avoiding the answer dialog completely in order to get your  
> project done and write your own answer dialog instead. This is not a  
> fix but a workaround. They are coming out with 4.0 very soon and this  
> problem might just go away with that.
> Also, do you have all of the service packs installed for Windows???  
> That might help.
> Let me know,
> Tom McGrath III
> Lazy River Software
> 3mcgrath at
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> Information and download can be found on this page:
> On Jan 21, 2009, at 11:42 AM, camm29 at wrote:
> > Thomas ,
> >
> > Thanks , corrected the mistake , but still fails to bulid with or  
> > without destroystack.
> >
> > It builds okay with or without destroystack in  Rev2.8 with  
> > standalone password set.
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Camm
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