any way to detect condition "connected to ISP but not internet"?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Jan 20 18:29:19 EST 2009

Brian Yennie wrote:
> This is by no means foolproof, and just based on my own anecdotal 
> connection issues, but you might consider checking your computer's 
> local IP address. If it is in one of the "self-assigned" ranges, often 
> that means you are connected to your router, but not to the larger 
> network. Of course there are many situations where this might fail, 
> but it is one common level of problems. I believe two common tip-offs 
> are addresses and
> If you need a general solution, there are probably many layers to 
> account for, but you can at least try to detect the most common ones.
Not a reliable indicator. At least for home DSL or cable use, the most 
common case is that the local computers will be assigned addresses in 
the 192... range - routers which have only a single IP address allocated 
by the ISP usually allocate from the 192... range via DHCP.

-- Alex, aka for the moment.

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