Way to get rBrowser working in a standalone .exe with a "shape" defined

rgould8 at aol.com rgould8 at aol.com
Tue Jan 20 14:24:21 EST 2009

I've created a Windows Revolution stack that has an embedded browser in it.? It works great until I try to set the "shape" of my app with a .PNG image.? I've embedded my PNG in the app as a control, and then I go to stack properties and set the Shape to id #1167, and I do see my app take the shape of my PNG, and I do see the PNG.? However, then my browser embed functionality seems to disappear.

You can try this yourself by going into the Revolution examples and finding the inetbrowser.rev stack and trying to apply a shape - - - the minute you do, it no longer works.

Any workarounds to this?

- Rob

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