Can anybody HELP !!

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Tue Jan 20 03:38:10 EST 2009

Sorry , we can all make mistakes , I missed the ANSWER bit !

The problem ONLY happens when ANSWER is used in the script AND a password is set in the Standalone settings.
Everything works fine in IDE

I corrected some minor script errors as suggested which made no differrence.

Any script I use with ANSWER and PASSWORD SET in Standalone builds 100% in older versions of Rev and always have.

The same scripts ONLY fail to build in REV 3.0 on several different Machines

It does happen ! hopefully someone understands Rev enough to find the solution.


---- "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote: 
> Colin Holgate wrote:
> > I just read over the previous messages in this thread (harder to do than 
> > you would think, if you've already deleted the messages!). There's one 
> > point of confusion that might be worth asking about. In the original 
> > message 'camm' said that the problem only happened when setting a 
> > password in the standalone settings, but then in the next message 
> > corrected that to say the problem only happens in "ANSWER" is used in 
> > the script.
> > 
> > So which of those two is it? Most of the replies gave advice based on it 
> > being to do with having a password. It would be very hard to reproduce 
> > the problem if you are doing the wrong steps.
> Both. If any script in the stack uses the "answer" command and a 
> password has been set in the standalone builder, on Camm's machines the 
> standalone will fail. What I think may be happening is some sort of 
> conflict that prevents the answer dialog from appearing, but since it is 
> a standalone, the failure is silent.
> The sample stack he sent to the support queue had some very convoluted 
> script messaging. I wondered if that was the cause and suggested some 
> simplification techniques, but I didn't hear back about that.
> At any rate, even with the existing scripts, I was able to build and use 
> his sample standalone normally, even after adding a password to the SB.
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