Beat Cornaz B.Cornaz at gmx.net
Mon Jan 19 05:15:46 EST 2009

 >Randall wrote :
 >In rev, are externals written to a reference VM so that they are  
only written once and can run on any platform?  Or, do they have to be  
written >separately to each platform?

I am also very interested in externals in Rev. From little I know so  
far you need a different external, not only for each platform, but for  
each (major?) system version. To me this is understandable, as  
different systems work differently, so the interfacing part with the  
system needs to be different, as well as possibly the numbers and  
sorts of variables you'll be passing to/from that particular system.

There is an excellent REV Tutorial  on Externals :  http://www.runrev.com/developers/tutorials/advanced-externals-part-1/
There is also a part 2. You can download the 'External Creator V3'  
stack which will create the external for you, if you have the  
compilation of the code (in C , C++ and others) done. I don't know if  
you can use Java.

  I managed to comple the first examp[le (rnahello) but get a compile  
error on the second example (rnaeffect) which I am not able to fix  
because my barely existing C knowledge. After exactly copying in the  
rnaeffect example from the tutorial I had some  errors. Some had to do  
with the 'exeption handling', which I had to change in the preferences  
I think. Then I was down to 1 error,  which persists.


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