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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jan 18 23:12:39 EST 2009

Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> One factor that is turning me away from using a print stack is the
> slowness of "print this card". In some rough tests, I found it to take
> about 140 ticks per card where revPrintText & revPrintField were
> taking 13 - 14 ticks. Once you have more than a couple pages to print,
> this speed difference would become significant.

That's interesting, I never thought to time it. I'm not sure it's 
printing a card that is the slowdown though, since both the rev commands 
create a temporary stack with field objects and use that to "print card" 
sequentially until the field content is exhausted. Then they delete the 
temp stack when done. Printing a card is the only way to do printing 
when you come right down to it. Maybe your test stack had a lot of other 
objects on it? Or something else that would have to render? It's all I 
can think of.

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