Printing multiple pages

Paul Looney support at
Sun Jan 18 19:00:28 EST 2009

I'm glad you found your solution.
If you are interested, you might take a look at our report-maker. It  
would seem to address the needs you have described. We have a  
downloadable PDF of the operating manual for our Ahsomme Business  
System at The manual has a chapter on the ARP  
ReportMaker. (It also shows how we handle a Bill of Materials. And a  
few other things. '-)  )
Paul Looney

On Jan 18, 2009, at 3:20 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> OK, found my mistake. I had assumed that "open printing" would queue
> up any print jobs until "close printing". However it only works for
> printing cards, not for for revPrintText or revPrintField. It would be
> good if it did, but since I now realise that it doesn't, I'll work out
> a different method.
> However I will be putting in an enhancement request to make it work
> for any print queue.
> Cheers,
> Sarah

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