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Music notes are ellipses, but slanted ones. Oval graphics cannot be  
slanted (to my knowledge). In an old and half forgotten stack, I used  
this script to define the points of a slanted "ellipse" graphic:

command drawellipse x,y,alpha,laloc
  repeat with i = 0 to 90
    put round(sin(x*i*pi/180)), round(cos(y*i*pi/180)) into line i of  
  end repeat
  set the points of graphic "Ellipse" to thepoints
  revrotatepoly the name of graphic "ellipse",alpha
set the loc of graphic "Ellipse" to laloc
end drawellipse

x and y are the width and hight of the ellipse (if I remember well ),  
and alpha is the slanting angle of the ellipse. The graphic must be  
created before using the command.
It gives something a bit jagged, but it can certainly be improved.


Le 18 janv. 2009 à 16:22, Jacques Hausser a écrit :

> Beat,
> Did you think about using graphics instead of images ? If you use  
> ovals, you can easily change their dimensions, background colors and  
> loc as wanted.
> Just an idea.
> Jacques
> Le 18 janv. 2009 à 16:11, Beat Cornaz a écrit :
>> >Mark wrote :
>> >This is a bug, it is being fixed. Perhaps you can create a slightly
>> >larger image and adjust the alphadata to make the top row and left  
>> or
>> >right column transparent.
>> Thanks Mark. I'm glad to know it's a bug.
>> I appreciate your suggestion , except in my case it would have  
>> consequences down the road.
>> I use images with different colored 'cells' for musical Notes  
>> display.
>> To speed things up, I first create the Image where each colored  
>> cell is just 1 pixel
>> and has the right color. Afterwards I adjust the size of the image  
>> to f.i. 20x20 for each cell
>> - so making the image 20 times as wide and high.
>> If I use a transparant part, it will also enlarge. As this images  
>> is on top of a bigger image with cells,
>> it will block the mouse clicks to the image underneath.
>> As an alternative, I can make the original image like 4x4 pixels  
>> for each cell and enlarge it a factor 16 less.
>> I at least know now, that I have to work around it.
>> Thanks, Beat
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