Image smaller 26 pixels dissapears

Beat Cornaz B.Cornaz at
Sat Jan 17 17:13:42 EST 2009

If I set the imagedata of an Image to less than 26 pixels, the image  
dissapears from the screen.
It still exists, has the right size (in the inspector) but is not  
visible anymore in the browse mode.
In the edit mode, the image is visible if selected.

on mouseUp
   put empty into tImageData
   repeat 25
     put NumToChar(0) & NumToChar(100) & NumToChar(100) &  
NumToChar(100) after tImageData
   end repeat

   set the width of img "aa" to 5
   set the height of img "aa" to 5
   set the ImageData of img "aa" to tImageData
end mouseUp

if I use more than 25 pixels (26*1 or 7*4) it is ok.
The visible property in the inspector is still on. Setting the visible  
to off and to on again does not change anything.

Any ideas?


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