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Actually at first I thought this was a bug, but it makes a bit of  
sense. The rect and I guess grouping the objects will force a visible  
or visual snapshot of where the object physically resides including  
objects beneath that show through the alpha mask but using the actual  
object must allow the engine to reference the object itself  
programatically so it is not 'seeing' the alpha or better yet it is  
not seeing through the alpha to the objects underneath.

As Richard said " "export snapshot" which allows you to specify the  
object rather than merely its rect:" "This will cause the object  
specified to be rendered into an offscreen buffer directly, then that  
buffer is compressed into the specified format for writing to disk."

It must be the ability to render offscreen in the buffer that is the  
difference here. This must be the case with the import snapshot as well.


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On Jan 16, 2009, at 4:38 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Actually a snapshot of an object does not take an exact snapshot
>> following the attributes of the object (transparency, etc.) but a
>> snapshot of the rect of the object will follow the attributes
>> (transparency, etc.)
> This is an excellent and useful observation -- I always thought that  
> one had
> to group objects to get their alpha included in a screenshot, but  
> using the
> object's rect as you say produces the same result.  Nice find.
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