Core Midi

Beat Cornaz B.Cornaz at
Sat Jan 17 07:25:35 EST 2009

 > Dec 13 Mark Wieder wrote :

 > What you were talking about on the web forum is a way for Rev to
 > communicate midi information to other *applications* running on the
 > same machine in a generic manner, which is *quite* different from
 > sending midi data over a cable. There are many ways of packaging up
 > the midi info and sending it to other devices, but communicating with
 > other applications is much harder, especially since you want to do
 >  this in a cross-platform manner.

I would have thought it to be simpler to send Midi data from Rev to  
another application than through a port
  to another device. I would settle for the OSX platform for the moment.
Would the IAC driver (in apples Audio MIDI setup) be an option?
 From within Logic I can see the bus of the IAC driver. The thing  
would be to get from Rev to the IAC driver.
Does Revolution support CoreMidi? I understood from Mark Schönewille  
that Rev supports CoreImage and CoreAnimation.

If it is much easier to send the Mididata through a midi interface to  
another device, I could connect a cable from the midi out
to the midi in on my interface and voila I would be in Logic. But  
again, how to get from rev to my midi interface?

I will look into your makeBoard stack.

Thanks for your help,


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