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Thomas McGrath III mcgrath3 at
Fri Jan 16 12:15:43 EST 2009

Hey listerarios,

I have the following line of code in a stack which works great but  
seems to me to be wrong:

import snapshot from rect (the rect of img "TEST2") of card "Test" of  
stack "Tester" -- Works as expected

So if I fix it to what I think it should be it doesn't work but  
snapshots from the actual stack or card but not the rect of the image:

import snapshot from rect (the rect of img "TEST2" of card "Gradient  
Lab" of stack "LRSGradientText") -- Does not work as expected

Any ideas or the obvious answer that I might be missing. Example one  
does work and I am using it but every time I go through my code I try  
to 'fix' it with example two and then it doesn't work. This is the  
fifth time I broke it trying to fix it..... But it ain't broke......


Tom McGrath III
Lazy River Software
3mcgrath at

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