Reference Function Name Via Variable?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jan 15 14:45:48 EST 2009

Hi List:

Just curious...  Is there any way to construct a function using a name
stored in a variable without resorting to "do"?  For example:

on mouseUp
   put "hello" into pData1
   put "world" into pData2
   put "shout" into test
   do "answer" && test & "(pData1,pData2)"
end mouseUp

function shout pData1,pData2
   return pData1 && pData2
end shout

Can the last line of the mouseUp handler be written without "do"?  I'm not
against using "do", just wondering if there's another option.

Thanks & Regards,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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