How to click the mouse on another application

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Thu Jan 15 13:44:48 EST 2009

This can be done easily using Applescript. If you use the Extra  
Suites.sdef you will see dictionary commands for ES click mouse, ES  
move mouse, ES select menu item, ES type key, ES type string, ES mouse  
location, ES keys down.

There is only a limited ability to do this in VBScript, however. But  
it is straight forward in Applescript.


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On Jan 8, 2009, at 2:48 PM, Bert Shuler wrote:

> Then my guess is this would require an external.
> What would be the best mechanism to request a quote for the  
> development of an external?
> SendClick (h,v)
> SendKeys (h,v) "string to send" (including Alt+F style key  
> combinations)
> Should would correctly on OS X, Win32, and linux.
> Thanks
> Bert
> On Jan 8, 2009, at 2:23 PM, Generic Email wrote:
>> I am using:
>> set the screenMouseLoc to (h,v)
>> to move the mouse over a button on another application.
>> Now I need to "Click" the mouse.
>> The transcript click function does not seem to actually click the  
>> mouse, but instead simulate a mouse click only in a rev stack.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Bert
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