Resizing a Text Field Dynamically, While Locking Its XY Coordinates

Ron Toledo rontoledo at
Tue Jan 13 14:00:02 EST 2009

Hello All,

I'm new to Rev, and am attempting to create a paned interface on a stack.

Specifically, I have two text fields, with a little grabber icon between
them.  The effect I'm trying to accomplish is that, as I drag the little
grabber button between the two fields, the two fields on either side are to
automatically resize in width.

I'm experimenting with just the left text field and grabber icon at this
time.  My current challenge is that when I drag the grabber, the text field
on the left resizes in width-- however, it resizes from its centerpoint
outwards.  Ideally, I would want the text field's XY coordinates to remain
locked, while the right side of the text field resizes.

Is there a property for Rev objects that can configure objects to resize
from one specific side?

Thank you,
Ron Toledo

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