[Semi OT] Awesome Mega Mighty Games looking for a part time scripter

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Tue Jan 13 10:35:34 EST 2009

Hi there,

as you might know, derbrill Multimedia took over a game design company  
last year. We merged technologies and are using Revolution for all  
downloadable desktop based games. With the advent of the Browser  
Plugin and more ideas than our small team can tackle, we are looking  
for someone who can help out coding on our games. We are thinking of  
starting in march 2009 on a 2 days per week basis (maybe more). What  
do we expect?

You are a decent rev scripter
You know your way around animationEngine (or are willing to learn how  
to use it)
You love to write games

Ideally you are based in the UK

In addition, we are looking for finished - or partially finished -  
games that we can publish as part of our catalog. Please do NOT send  
us games or game ideas until we have cleared it with you. Instead,  
please let us know that you have a game to discuss and we will contact  
you with the appropriate forms. We can help out with artwork and audio  
or provide scripting support to make your idea a shipping product.

If you are interested in working with us please send a mail to malte at awesomemegamightygames.com 
  to discuss further details. We will need to see a sample of your  
work - please include that in your response.


Malte Brill
CEO derbrill Multimedia
CTO awesome mega mighty games
VAT ID DE223571286
Tel: +49 4331 337 977 7
email: info at derbrill.de
             malte at awesomemegamightygames.com

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