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Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Tue Jan 13 06:14:04 EST 2009

Marty Knapp wrote:

"Richmond, could you elaborate on these"


These 2 points may, from a strictly logical point of view,
be only one point.

3. Never churn out generic Linux standalones from a version of
   Runtime Revolution working on another platform.

4. Always compile standalones on the target platform.

4.1 Fonts are a real bu**er cross-platform.
    Almost always when I run up a stack on a Mac and take it across
    to a Ubuntu box I have to fiddle around with every text field
    resetting the font.

    I have recently acquired a Pentium 4 (going up in the world,
    our Richmond!), installed Ubuntu 8.0.4 on it, hacked GNOME
    to blazes so it behaves and looks the way I want [Check out
    AWN !], and am running a Runtime Revolution 2.2.1 for Linux 
    that was PREVIOUSLY available for FREE from Novell. 
    The Linux version of Metacard (referenced below) works very 
    nicely as well. So now doing most of my authoring directly
    on Ubuntu.

4.2 Standalones generated on a different platform sometimes
    just don't work on the target platform: only 2 months ago
    I had this problem with something compiled on a Mac
    "For Windows" that then didn't work.

Marty Knapp wrote:

"Unfortunately I only have Rev Studio for Mac."

Well . . .

CHEAP-JACKS-VERSION [ a.k.a. "The way Richmond does things" ]   :)

You can go here:

and download ye olde Metacard 2.5 [ = RunRev 2.0 ]

you will then need to save your stacks as 'legacy' stacks.

You will be able to compile standalones on LIN / WIN / MAC
with the version of Metacard available at the web address: BUT:

Obviously any feature that has been introduced into Runtime
Revolution post version 2.0 will go down the tubes.


[in Bulgaria you can pick one up with 256 MB RAM and a 6 GB hard-drive
for about 30 bucks US - so should be similar down your way]

Bung your target Linux variant on the old machine.

Bung Metacard for Linux on the old machine.

Compile away.

Obviously you can do something similar for Windows: however
the whole process will be a bit more expensive as you will
have to buy a Windows disk. AND, come to think of it, running
XP on a P III would be a fairly shaky ride.

[ I compile Windows standalones on my client's machines
  and / or a version of Virtual PC running XP (that was
  given to me by a client who had ordered one CD of XP
  too many) ]


Fork out the necessary money to buy Runtime Revolution 3 for
all the platforms you need to compile for.

Buy some half-decent computers to run the target platforms.


Frankly . . .

If you are going to MAKE MONEY out of your standalones then
you better go for the second option so the good folks at Runtime 
Revolution get their pound of flesh.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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