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The way GLX2 does no-click inspection (the code is accessible to all  
our customers in the "inspection" folder of the GLX2 frontscript) is  
called "staggered messaging" or "peppering." It is polling with a very  
limited lifespan and does NOT degrade performance of the IDE. It's  
been in use for over a year. Very reliable

On mousemove, 12 messages staggered every 250 millisecs are sent to  
check the mod keys for an inspection.

         repeat for 12
             add 250 to tNoMillisecs
             send "glx2EditObject" to me in tNoMillisecs millisecs
         end repeat

If "glx2EditObject" is already in the pendingmessages, then the  
glx2EditObject handler ignores the message to check the mod keys for a  
no-click inspection. This means that during the three seconds after  
the mouse STOPS moving, you can hold down the mod keys to inspect. It  
sounds much more complicated than it is. The user, of course, is  
unaware of all this trickery and just holds down command and option to  
open any script editor.

On Windows, the state of the mod keys can be checked without polling.  
HOWEVER...I check to see if the pointer is in the title bar of the  
window so that the user can inspect a stack's script with no-click  
inspection. Therefore, the peppering method is still needed, even in  

Hope this helps. Feel free to download GLX2 Installer (http://, install it, set the prefs for it in the GLX2 pane of Rev's  
prefs, and then take a look at the code. You (and everyone else, of  
course) do not need a reg code to use GLX2's no-click inspection and a  
bunch of other very handy shortcuts called "The Freedom Pack."

I've written about The Freedom Pack here:


Jerry Daniels

Daniels & Mara, Inc.
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On Jan 12, 2009, at 12:49 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Bob Sneidar wrote:
>> If you are using GLX2 you don't need to click. Just point and hit   
>> option+command.
> How?
> I've been looking to add a similar capability to my own editor, but  
> given how the key messages currently work I've been unable to come  
> up with anything that didn't involve constant polling.
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