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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Jan 12 13:25:31 EST 2009

Recently, Thierry wrote:

> I wanted to import
> an animated gif in Revolution,
> The imported animation is ugly but nice on a web page.
> I've never try this before...
> Could some of you validate it should work and if yes,
> some hint to make it work ?


You don't really explain what's wrong with the GIF -- Appearance?  Playback
rate?  Something else?  Anyway, here are a few things to try...  Make sure
the GIF sits on the same background color in your stack as it does on the
Web page.  If the GIF doesn't seem to render properly within Rev try setting
the constantMask of the imported GIF to true.  If the speed of the GIF is
wrong in Rev, set the repeatCount of the imported GIF to 0 and using a
looping script to update the GIF's currentFrame, using "send in..." or


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