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Adri mrkt2006 at
Mon Jan 12 09:58:17 EST 2009


I'm a Mac user since november 2006 and with the magazine MacFormat
came Revolution Media 3.0 with a free full license.

The first thing i did after installing RM was taking a peek at the tutorial
movies on the rev-site. Even after installing the video codec on my mac osx
10.5 i still can't see them (only audio)  :(

So i went back to my pc where i could watch them.

Second thing i did was joining this list, and looking thru the archive i saw
that there is a lot of knowledge here. So if i have any questions i know
where to go  :)

And now back to the manuals and tutorial movies and learn about Revolution
Media and creating my first stack.

c'ya Adri

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