URL "binfile..." command seems to corrupt my mp3 files (re-creatable)

Jim Schaubeck jimschaubeck at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 10 01:33:06 EST 2009

Thanks for the reply Stephen.  Jan helped me get the URL command working but I did look into the revCopyFile command.  In the rev dictionary under revCopyFile and I saw this:   put URL "binfile:/Disk/myfile" into URL "binfile:/Disk/Folder/myfile".  Once I saw that, I fumbled with the URL command.  Thanks again !

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Subject: Re: URL "binfile..." command seems to corrupt my mp3 files  (re-creatable)

Looks like your code should work. However have you tried 'revCopyFile'  ?

2009/1/9 Jim Schaubeck <jimschaubeck at yahoo.com>

> I have an interesting situation.  The following simple script maintains mp3
> file integrity (I can play it from both old and new folders)
> put URL "binfile:C:/Documents and Settings/Jim
> Schaubeck/Desktop/test1/testing.mp3" into URL "binfile:C:/Documents and
> Settings/Jim Schaubeck/Desktop/test2/testing.mp3" -- plays fine but I can
> not control filename.mp3
> However, the following script will copy the file but I can not play the
> newly created mp3 in folder test2 (the mp3 file gets corrupted)
> put "testing.mp3" into tempvar
> put URL "binfile:C:/Documents and Settings/Jim Schaubeck/Desktop/test1/" &
> tempvar into URL "binfile:C:/Documents and Settings/Jim
> Schaubeck/Desktop/test2/testing.mp3"
> This script moves the file but the mp3 file gets corrupted.
> What am I missing?  My end game is to have flexibility in changing mp3 file
> names and locations. The 'URL' keyword or 'rename' command both look like
> they can do what I want (almost)
> Jim...
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