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Thu Jan 8 20:04:05 EST 2009

BTW this is not a revolution issue but an OS one. This is how the OS  
refers to the root of the startup volume. The first slash means "The  
startup drive". For other volumes you would access the mount point  
folder which is Volumes i.e. /Volumes/My Other Drive/Some Folder/...

To access the home folder of the currently logged in user you start  
with a tilde ~ i.e. ~/Documents/Some Folder/...

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On Jan 8, 2009, at 4:52 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:

> Hi,
> Not so many elementary questions on the list these days. Well, I've
> got an infinite supply. It might not show, but I did attempt to read
> the instructions.
> Hoping to waste less time on the web and email, I've got a new plan.
> I'll launch Firefox and Mail from a small Rev stack, and shame myself
> by tallying the minutes wasted each day.
> Question 1 -- I'm sorry to say I can't figure out the right syntax
> for the path name to the Firefox application, for instance. I thought
> it might be "applications/Firefox" or "applications/" or
> "my hard disk/Applications/Firefox" and so on, but those don't seem
> correct. Please advise.
> Question 2 -- There doesn't seem to be a "quit" command that
> corresponds to the "launch" command, for applications. How do I do
> that? Do I need AppleScript?
> Thanks in advance.
> Tim
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