How to change the layer of the image in a group?

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Sun Jan 4 23:59:57 EST 2009

--- William de Smet <williamdesmet at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have serveral images in a group and I want on
> dragging to change its
> layer.
> When not grouped it works fine: set the layer of me
> to 100
> But when grouped I get an error: card not open or
> object in group.
> How do I change the layer of the image in a group?
> greetings,
> William

Hi William,

Check out the 'relayerGroupedControls' global property
in the docs - by default, it is set to false; set it
to true, and you can relayer controls that are in a
Bear in mind, however, that it can get a little
'hairy' as it also means you can move items in and out
of groups, which may not always be what you want - so
you'll have to bear in mind the layer of the group and
the number of controls in the group.


Jan Schenkel.

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