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revinfo1155 wrote:

> Does Rev have anything like tilestack? Is there a way to run stacks online?

TileStack is a HyperCard-to-HTML/CSS/JavaScript translator.  I've long 
advocated that approach for Rev work, and with cool frameworks like 
Apple's SproutCore it seems a great many others are thinking along 
similar lines for all sorts of app development:


Since JavaScript is the only language built into web browsers, it's the 
only way to run applications truly natively there.  Everything else 
requires Java or a plugin.

RunRev Ltd. has announced plans to do the latter, making a browser 
plugin that will actually run stacks inside of a web page:


It sounds cool as far as plugins go.  No specific release date has been 
given at this time; maybe Kevin can chime in here with a status update.

In the meantime, I've been porting some Rev stacks to the web with my 
own custom HTML/CSS/JS converters.  Much of the work requires 
hand-translating code, but automating the translation of layouts is a 
snap, so it can be a great option for content-rich stacks.

It never hurts to know more than one language, and JavaScript is by far 
the most popular scripting language in the world.  It's ugly as sin in 
parts, and sometimes just kinda dumb, but it's not like there's any 
choice for writing native browser apps so you don't have to fret over 
whether you've made the right decision in using it. :)  But your 
patience with learning JS is well rewarded by letting you play with CSS, 
and the more you play with CSS the more you'll miss its absence in Rev.

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