Application Browser problem?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Jan 3 09:11:25 EST 2009

Hi Kurt,

I haven't used the Applicatiom Browser in years. I found it unreliable  
and decided to forget about it.

Whenever I want to copy a card to another stack, I type in the message  

   copy this cd to stack "My Stack"

There is a request in the QCC to include "Copy Card" and "Past Card"  
in the Edit menu, but this request has been ignored so far. You can  
find the request at < 

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 3 jan 2009, at 05:24, Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> I'm helping my 12-year-old daughter learn to program with RunRev,  
> and I couldn't really figure this one out:
> Could someone point me to a reference on how to move cards reliably  
> between stacks in the Application Browser?
> I find I can't predict exactly how it will work, between "selecting"  
> the card in the A.B. using the contextual menu (right-click),  
> pressing COMMAND-C to copy (or menu Edit-->Copy Card), and then  
> choosing a stack in which to paste the clipboard-held card.  (It  
> seems that the Edit menu then offers "Paste Objects", rather than  
> "Paste Card" as one might expect.)  At this point,
> it seems that unless I either double-click on the destination stack  
> in the A.B., or click in the destination stack's window, it is NOT  
> selected for the paste function, **even though** I might highlight  
> the desired destination stack by single-clicking it in the A.B..
> So, I can be in a position of having a card on the clipboard, ready  
> for pasting, and I highlight a card of the destination stack (all of  
> it's current objects are displayed), and yet, since I have not  
> actually **definitively** selected my destination stack, if I paste  
> my card it will be pasted back into the source stack.
> Sorry if this is detailed in the help files, and I'm just missing it.
> Also: It seems there might be a refresh problem where a newly pasted  
> card shows up in the stack window while the A.B. still shows the  
> "pre-paste" card highlighted and no pasted card?  (After collapsing  
> the destination stack in the A.B. and re-displaying it, it shows up  
> correctly with the newly-pasted card.)
> Thanks, Kurt
> Rev 3.0.0, Build 750,  Mac OX 10.5.6

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